Resources Engineering (RE) and The Joint Programme (JP)

You’d never know what’s gonna happen once you joined the joint programme

Some of us call this “thing” as Resources Engineering (RE), because that’s what they wrote on the registration form. The fact is, Resources Engineering is the program from Universit├Ąt Karlsruhe (now Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), not from UGM nor ITB. When it is revealed that not all of us could get in there, I started backing up from calling this “RE” and resorted to “The Joint Programme”, as we actually studied in two universities, at least. What’s our major? that is the biggest questions worth a billion rupiahs. We studied in Master of Engineering System of Gadjah Mada University (which is now called Master of System Engineering, shocking) in all three majors, a kind of mashup. We also studied in Master of Mining Engineering of Bandung Institute of Technology, a much more clearer subject. And of course, for those who were fortunate, studied RE in Universit├Ąt Karlsruhe, albeid not in full capacity. In summary, we studied “The Joint Programme”, a mashup postgraduate program, the one and only in Indonesia that guarantees to blow your mind away, literally.